CVS Hair Loss Products

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CVS Hair Loss Products
CVS Hair Loss Products
KERMAX line of hair products are designed to safely reverse or reduce the appearance of thinning hair and hair loss into beautiful thick and healthy hair, the kind of hair that will make you more confident and eager to show off.
We have divided our products up into a system, catering specifically to your hair treatment needs. 
The KerMax hair regrowth system is formulated to help you kick start a new hair care regime. 
You can start with our CLEAN series of products which includes a Volumizing Shampoo and a Volumizing conditioner. Both are made to visibly improve the look and feel of thin hair. The CLEAN series of the KerMax system gently cleans damaged hair and turns it into healthier, fuller looking hair while adding body and shine. 
                                CVS Hair Loss ProductsCVS Hair Loss Products
The second part of the hair growth treatment system is our TREAT series which includes two products formulated to help stimulate healthy hair follicles and natural hair regrowth. The first is our KerMax Essential Day Foam, which can be applied during the day. This product normalizes scalp health and aids in the restoration of your hair's vitality. In as little as three months you will be able to notice a significant change in your hair's density and strength. (When used as directed).
As a follow up to the Essential Day Foam product, we have the Thickening Hair Serum which can be applied at night. When used alongside the Essential Day Foam, this night serum fortifies, thickens and revitalises receding and thinning hair. It aids in the nourishment of the scalp, which is key to healthy hair, and helps to improve the overall appearance of damaged hair. It can also reduce dry and itchy scalp.
                                  CVS Hair Loss ProductsCVS Hair Loss Products
The last component to the hair treatment series includes our one of a kind Styling mousse. The styling mousse is part of the Kermax system and is the first styling mousse to take into account the styling needs of those with thinning hair. This styling mousse helps to boost your hair's volume and adds body to fine or thinning hair. Not only will this product provide a strong hold that resists humidity, it will bring life back into damaged, lifeless hair.
                                                                 CVS Hair Loss Products
Our hair loss line of products can be found at your local CVS Pharmacy and a full list of the products can also be found on our website.
                CVS Hair loss Products
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last year
Thank for the feedback everyone
Level 3 (XP: 1000)
last year
yes this is a pharmacy in the states, in Canada it would be equivalent to shoppers drug mart. I noticed that there is a mention of it elsewhere on the website as well
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last year
CVS? that's in the states right? I haven't seen any those around here in Toronto, but I do know that this product is available at shoppers drug mart so I'm going to go check them out
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last year
CVS is a great way to get Kermax product. it is convenient and affordable.
last year
Thank you for your comments! Feel free to visit your local CVS or our website for more details.
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last year
I'm going to go check out CVS now to find this product
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I was aware that CVS carried a variety of hair products but I never knew that they had hair regrowth products. It's over the counter as well which is a definite bonus. I have had issues with thinning hair for some time and I have tried other products, what's the harm in trying one more right?


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